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I had my eyeliner done. I love it. It looks perfect! I love to wake up every morning to my already make-up face! My husband says it looks fantastic and natural but better. Thank you. My lips are next!

I have had my eyebrows, upper and lower lids and lips lined. Firstly I have saved about 15mins of time in the morning and my facec looks fresh 24hrs a day. After swimming I don’t have liner streaking and no more lipstick left behind on glasses and cups. The girls are very professional and very artistic. Very knowledgeable with the procedure. At no time did I feel I was ever in incapable hands. Thank you Tina, Michelle and Stephanie for the very much appreciated make-over. I highly recommend Long-Time-Liner to my friends.

This has best for Danielle 12yr who plucked her eyebrows out at age 10. They never grow back. She tried make-up it wouldn’t stay on. She stopped swimming and sat out soccer practice if it was raining. She would always ask me if her eyes were still on. Since L.T.L she is free able to enjoy herself as a child free and living free. (As for myself I love not having to balance my eyebrow make-up every morning.

Thank you